A Foundation of Value
DEI Communities is the trade name of Dial Equities, Inc. The firm was formed in 1992 when founder Jack Haley returned to Omaha after decades of distinguished service in the United States Air Force.

Under Jack’s leadership and personal efforts, the property management and renovation company grew to well over $60 million in multi-family holdings operating more than 2,000 units by 1998.

Pleased with his initial success, Jack envisioned more for the company; he wanted to grow the firm’s real estate investment to $1 billion and 20,000 units.

To do this, he formed a strong leadership team with expertise in the industry’s core disciplines: investment debt and equity, legal and transactional, strategic thinking and best practice multi-family operations.

Continuing strategic and technological growth at DEI Communities requires the continuous improvement and entrepreneurial spirit spoken of in our Core Values.
DEI was among the first privately-held, mid-size operators to adopt online payments for residents, sophisticated revenue management pricing models and paperless electronic invoicing and payment systems.
Today, we strive to anticipate industry innovation and work diligently to explore and adopt the best available tools to create both cash flow and property value.

DEI Communities currently manages over 11,000 units in more than 40 properties across the United States valued in excess of $750 million.