A Commitment to Excellence
The success of DEI Communities comes directly from the core values established and practiced by our founder, Jack Haley.

DEI Communities' Core Values are:

Integrity Matters

At DEI Communities, honesty, character, and integrity are paramount.

We take pride in our reputation for responsible business practices and forthright interactions with our clients, partners and residents.

Performance Counts

DEI Communities believes value for clients and residents comes through high-level performance and task-specific accountability. At DEI Communities, we work to maximize value and revenue with industry best practices and technologies. 

Relationships of Trust

DEI Communities had only two employees in 1992. Today, that number has grown into the hundreds across the United States, also encompassing clients, vendors, residents and community leaders.

DEI Communities believes in fostering strong relationships of trust and in creating an environment where trust stimulates creativity and improves performance among all members of the team. 

Open Communication And Information Are Key

DEI Communities practices open communication to establish increased trust and performance.

Clear channels of communication and an unobstructed flow information within and without the company increase productivity and provide a foundation for future operational success. 

Continuous Improvement Through Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jack Haley founded DEI Communities on the principles of dedication and entrepreneurship.

At DEI Communities, we continue to incorporate these principles everyday through hard work and peer exceeding performance to consistently increase value and become the best in our industry.